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Beyond Agency Fee And Salary: 6 Hidden Costs of Hiring A Migrant Domestic  Worker In Singapore

Hire professional helpers: Don’t think you are a super-human and take in help when required. Hire efficient helpers for jobs that can be done by others in place of you. Whether it is for domestic work or for basic jobs that require running around from one place to another 菲傭公司, make use of a good helper. This would firstly ease the pressure of being omnipresent all the while and secondly you would be able to make yourself present where no one can replace you.

Plan vacations: Remember one fact i. e. the world will not stop functioning if you are away from work for a few days. Ironically it would keep functioning irrespective of your presence. To stay sane and for bonding with family plan vacations with your entire family. When on a vacation just switch off from work, the office will survive without you. Indulge in fun activities and come back refreshed and rejuvenated.

Spend quality time with kids and husband: No matter how high you reach in your work life you need the foundation of a loving family to come back to every day. Don’t do the mistake of being lost in the rat race that you don’t even come to know when your husband has lost all interest in your marriage and your kids have moved on too. Work and home are equally important and need nurturing. Once you are back home spend time talking with your family about mundane activities they did all day long. Sort out trivial issues, be their sounding board, offer suggestions etc. In short be there for them not just physically but mentally and emotionally too. After all it is your family who shall celebrate your success more than anyone else.

Delegate work: You may be super-efficient but it is humanly impossible for you to do all the tasks. Learn to delegate the work to the efficient staff and focus more on strategizing and follow-ups. Not only would you save on time but would also be able to successfully monitor more tasks at the same time.

It is a sad fact that many pet owners view their animals much like they would a stuffed animal toy. The stuffed toy is fun to play with and adorable to cuddle and hug. When you are finished playing with it and are ready to move on to something else, you toss it onto the bed or back into the toy box. It is ready for you when you return ready to play again.

Your pet is not a toy, however, and it has the basic health needs of all living organisms. This includes a proper and healthy diet and proper sanitation and exercise. If you are not prepared to recognize this basic truth, you would be better served by a stuffed toy. The key to understanding a pet’s health needs is to view it the same way you would view a human being. A human being is a living organism, too. The basic health requirements are going to be the same even if the method of application differs slightly.

A good starting place is the selection of a Veterinarian for your pet. The time to select the Vet is not when the pet is sick or injured, but as you as the pet becomes your responsibility. Pets like dogs and cats will need shots and physical examinations to maintain wellness as much as they will need care when ill or injured. The Vet will also be a source of information. The maintaining of wellness in the pet is the basic health concern.

The Vet can give advice about proper diet. The type and amount of food will vary from pet to pet, but the need for water is basic. This is often an overlooked area. Virtually every living organism needs water. Although feeding schedules for pets can mean that food does not always have to be available, the pet must have access to fresh water at all times. Pet owners tend to treat their pets like people in many ways. That is one of the joys of pet ownership and is a personal choice, but treat them like people when viewing their health needs. In the same manner a human cares for his teeth and makes sure that his living quarters are clean and sanitary, the pet owner must insure that these basic needs are being met to insure the health of his pet.

A great attachment grows between a pet and its owner. This has been true since the dawn of time when the first animals were domesticated to serve as helpers and friends to humans. The great emotional detachment is illustrated by the growing popularity of Memorial Pet Urns and Pet Cremation Urns. The loss of a loved pet is often a very sad and hard experience. If you want to delay this moment as long as possible, do not ever forget your pet is not a play toy but a living thing with health needs.

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